• 2020 Valentine's Banquet

  • Friday Night Hangout: Lip Sync

  • Wednesday Night Bible Study

  • Mission Saturday

  • Take it on Faith Trip: Fall Ed

  • Special Service Participation

  • Lock-in: 1 am activity

  • Fellowship in action

Welcome to the "new normal" or as we call it - life. What has really changed? Sure, we have to wear a mask... we can't get all up in someone's personal space... we need to wash our hands...  clean up after ourselves... be more vigilant... but the truth of the matter is GOD IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN IN CONTROL. That has not nor will it ever change. As young men and women of faith, we will adapt, we will not bow to fear, we will be resilient and carry on in our pursuit to be the hands and feet of Jesus in all that we do no matter the circumstances!

Book Club

You read that right... Book Club.

It's not your run of the mill, boring, book club, either. It's cutting edge technology meets adventure book club. Its where all the cool kids are at. So, put down the game controller, turn off Netflix, mute the headphones and join us for a little time to regenerate brain cells. You just might find there is a whole world you never knew existed!

Electronic reading devices allowed. Starts June 13th. Details to be posted and e-mailed. 

Daily Devotions

We all get busy... even busy doing nothing. That is when it is most important to set aside time to be intentional with what matters most. We can come up with excuse upon excuse but the simple truth is we just don't take the time.

Daily Devotions are one way to take 5 minutes out of our day to be intentional. 5 minutes to focus our hearts, our thoughts and our spirit on that which we profess to be paramount in our lives. Its a way to follow up on our worship  lesson from Sunday throughout the week and turn our hearts to our Father. You choose when you participate just as long as you participate.

Daily Devotions will begin June 8th. Details on their release will be sent and posted.

Sunday Morning Gatherings

Sunday mornings at 10:00 am 

all Youth (rising 7th grade - rising 12 grade) are welcome to join us in Youth Haven as we gather to study God's word together. Adults will be able to worship in the Fellowship Hall and/or the parking lot. NOTE: this is subject to change as  re-opening of the church progresses. We ask that you bring your mask and be prepared to keep it on at all times, honor the social distancing guidelines we have in place and bring your Bibles. If you wish to join us but cannot make it in person, contact us ahead of time and we will connect you virtually.

This is going on now until otherwise advertised.




By now you know, MFUGE has been cancelled for this summer. Don't dispair! We have the perfect alternative! Think MFUGE but not MFUGE here at Cedar Falls! It's all the excitement, all the worship, all the mission work and more just on a much smaller scale (and with a lot more cleaning, a little social distancing built in, etc.) We are ironing out the last little details then IT'S ON! 

We will be releasing dates, details and permission forms within the next couple weeks. Pack your bags and get ready for a semi-camp experience like no other! We can't wait!

Special Events

As with any group, from time to time, we have special events. Even though we are experiencing changing times, we can adapt our events to accomodate. 

When we have a special event, we will post it here and tell you all about it hoping you will join us! So check back and check back often so you don't miss out on any opportunity to plug in and connect.


Need to Know Details

We want to keep you as updated as possible and provide you with the most current information we have. We have tried to put it all in one centralized place even though we use several avenues to diseminate it.

Click Here

for all the current information on what is happening and what is coming up. 


We are an active group. Things move pretty fast. Make sure you stay in the know and connected to all the awesome things happening and how you can be a part! Join us, support us, pray for us and always know you are welcome.

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      Currently, due to COVID-19, all in-person church activities, including Sunday School, have been suspended at this time. For more details, click here

        For activities that are available, see above.


Youth Virtual Meeting schedule:

  • varies week to week. e-mail or text Ms. Carrie for this week's schedule.


SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:45 am - 10:45 am

SERVICE: 11:00 am


  • Youth Hang Time: 5:45 - 6:00
  • Youth Bible Study: 6:00 - 7:00

OTHER ACTIVITIES AND SPECIAL EVENTS: see announcements and events

CFBC Youth Leadership Team:

  • Keith Collier
  • BJ Wirt
  • Carrie DeGarmo

6181 Ramsey Street, Fay., NC 28311   (910) 488-5810