Youth Need to know info


Details pending; will be released soon. Please check back.


Starting Sunday, May 24th, the church will open it's doors and hold service in the fellowship hall. It will do so under strict guidelines (as indicated on the home page.) It will also transmit the service simultaneously to the parking lot and post it to all applicable media. In conjunction with this, the Youth will be meeting for Bible Study, as a group in Youth Haven.

Youth Haven can be accessed from the north side of the church. Doors to youth haven will be open at 9:45 am.  Study will begin at 10:00 am and dismiss at 10:45-11am. 

For the safety and well being of all our youth and church family, All youth who chose to join us in youth haven are asked to bring and wear their own personal protective mask and be prepared to keep it on throughout the entire gathering. All social distancing guidelines imposed by the church will be enforced and any youth not abiding by these guidelines will be asked to leave. 

Any youth who cannot join us in person can contact us, if they so chose, so they may connect with us virtually during Sunday Morning Bible Study. They may email or call Ms. Carrie at the church office (910) 488-5810 or text her.


As a follow up to our Sunday study and to promote daily time in the Word, daily devotions will be posted to facebook in a group called DAILY DEVOTIONS which anyone can join with a link to the website. Students are encouraged to take time throughtout the day to review and follow through with the devotions which will not only follow up on the Sunday lesson but also help prepare them for the upcoming lesson.

Started June 11th.  Due to lack of participation, has been temporarily suspended so it can be re-vamped and relaunched.


Youth had planned on attending MFUGE; however, all MFUGE camps for the summer have been cancelled. In response to this, we are launching the first ever week long camp here at Cedar Falls.

Participants have two (2) options - they can stay on campus from the start of camp to its conclusion (meaning sleep, eat, shower and experience the full camp experieince) OR they can "day" camp (meaning they can arrive each morning and be picked up each night at the designated times - or when parents/guardians have designated.)

Each day is packed with missions, worship, Bible Study, activities and more! Space is limited. Due to planning costs, accomodations and other factors, we must have at least 10 youth signed up by the registration deadline to move forward with camp. If by registration deadline we do not have at least 10 signed up, camp will be cancelled and we will move on to planning other events.

To learn more about what camp entails, reserve your spot, check out plans and forms, CLICK HERE


Plans are to resume Wednesday Night Bible Study, in Youth Haven, Wednesday, August 5th at 6pm. Make plans now to join us!

If anything changes, we will post it here.