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63 O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you,
as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
2 So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary,
beholding your power and glory.
3 Because your steadfast love is better than life,
my lips will praise you.
4 So I will bless you as long as I live;
in your name I will lift up my hands.

My dad owned a lumber yard in my hometown of Peculiar. While the family was still in high school, he had a ready work force living in his home. The purchase of the lumber yard was solely for the purpose of caring for my mother, who had MS. Her illness had progressed to the point where he felt he needed to decide for her long-term care. Rather than have a nurse come to the home every day or put my mother in a facility, he and some friends at church pooled resources and purchased the lumber yard owned by Ed Ullery, our down the street neighbor.

  1. work for his 6 children had never been a challenge for my dad. He planted a large, no make that huge garden (for city living) every year in our backyard. Partly for the produce, but mostly for the cheap labor. Other jobs sourced out were yard work, house painting, car washing, housecleaning etc. you get the idea. There was an understanding that no play could occur until all chores were complete. So, when the lumber yard was purchased, my dad had a ready and well-trained crew at his disposal. Soon, in addition to our domestic chores we learned how to stack lumber, load trucks, make deliveries and unload trucks including large deliveries of lumber and cement.

I don’t remember how it all came about but one summer, my dad realized that we had 5 minutes of idleness. Some of his best clients were farmers. They had need for seasonal help especially during haying harvest. I’m sure it when my dad was next door at the café drinking a cup of coffee with farmer X that the plan was concocted to farm out the Spena boys to farmer X to help “haul hay” for the week. Hauling hay is a plan from Satan to kill young men. First of all you have to dress for cold weather when the temperature is soaring near the 100 mark. Jeans, boots, long sleeve shirts, gloves and a hat were the “protection” and uniform for this dastardly act. You also had to start as early as possible. If you were out in the field by 7:00 a.m. you were late. We worked through the morning and took a break for lunch. By that time the sun was high in the sky and the heat was beginning to become unbearable. Heat and humidity added to the uncomfortable uniform to create a perfect storm for thirst. I know I must have lost half my body weight in sweat. Dust, heat, humidity and scorching sun bearing down and a huge field of hay bales to put in the barn made one weak with weariness. Just as desperation began to set in, invariably someone would drive the water out to the worker in the pickup truck. I don’t remember water ever tasting so good. It washed away the dust and gave a brief reprieve from the heat as we poured it over our head and watered down our hats. That water break gave us hope that the end was coming and refocused us for the task at hand. There were certainly times during that season we longed for the cooling water.

Jesus wants us to long for him everyday just as those field workers longed for that water. Unfortunately, we have many ways at our disposal to try and satisfy our “thirst”. Those ways do not really satisfy, but merely distract us from our true need for the presence of God. This week as you are going through your time in the field, or your desert don’t allow Satan to distract you with something that doesn’t meet your need but merely distracts you from realizing the deep deep love of Jesus we each desperately need.







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Ellen Register
Thank you for sharing!!! What a powerful reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus because He is the only one that can satisfy our souls.
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