March 25, 2022, 10:00 AM



Lord, Show Us Thy Power!

Psalm 68:28 NIV

28 Summon your power, God[a];
show us your strength, our God, as you have done before.

Monday, I was tired. The busyness of Sunday worship and Saturday chores had caught up to me. I had a to do list that seemed a mile long. There was a concert an hour and a half away for the North Carolina Baptist Singers and Orchestra that night. My commitment to the group told me I should be there. I worked feverishly to complete my list before I left and true to form I was 40 minutes later getting on the road than I had hoped. When I got to the church, I parked and found my way to the rehearsal which was already underway. I squeezed in the back row and started singing. When we finished that song, I struggled to find a seat. Wouldn’t you know the only available seat was on the first row of the choir. Those who know me know I’m not a front row singer. I like to make too many jokes for the front row. Anyway, I sat down and began to get acquainted with those around me since I would be with them for the afternoon and evening. I had an alto to my right, and two tenors to my left. I did my best to entertain them and thought I was doing quite well. We sang to the break and when we returned from our riparian repast (bottled water and veggies) I was surprised to find that I was now in the seat formerly occupied by my alto “friend” and my seat was occupied by another senior saint who was struggling to find the 2nd tenor notes. To say that my feelings were hurt would have been an understatement. I looked for ways to make my exit and simply go home. Why would the alto leave? Was my voice that offensive or were my jokes that bad? I noticed that the guy who was sitting in my former chair had lots of yellow highlighted parts on his page, but they weren’t helping him find his way through the music. I pointed him to the right place several times over the next hour and a half of rehearsal. At the dinner break I found a room with a microwave and ate my keto dinner I brought with me. I struggled with my emotions. I was tired, I was irritated, I was a bit put out. There were 115 people in the choir and orchestra would I really be missed?

After consuming my keto dinner, I walked next door and grabbed a diet coke from the quick stop. For some reason, while checking out, I invited the clerk to the concert. He seemed appreciative for the invite. My heart softened just a bit. After downing the soda, I dutifully returned to my front row seat and sat down. I was in my chair at 6:20 p.m. for the 7:00 p.m. concert. I had 40 minutes to stew. The orchestra began playing at about 6:40 p.m. I remember thinking “Wow, there’s a lot of people here!” The lower part of the sanctuary was filled with people who were obviously excited to be there. What a contrast to my sour disposition. Their sweet faces began to work on my heart. I said a quick prayer and asked God to change my attitude.

7:00 p.m. arrived and the balcony was now starting to fill up as there was no seating downstairs. Since covid I have not seen that many people in church for any reason. Our introduction to the first song began. The choir’s first words were “How Great Thou Art!” and all the feelings that were bottled up in me began to pour out in my singing. I couldn’t help my tears. Every song we sang was my personal prayer of praise to Almighty God. I knew that my place at that moment was to be in the choir, in Durham NC on that Monday evening. The devil did his best, but for what ever reason (God’s grace) I remained to the end and God received the glory and our collective praise. How could you not be blessed when you were sharing an evening with a packed house of people who were excited to be there and so engaged? I cannot remember the last time I had been a part of such an evening of praise.


There are times when we need a reminder of God’s strength and power. We need to be reminded that God is very present and very close. We need to be reminded that God’s purpose for us has not wavered. Monday was such a time for me. God will once again show you His power and His strength if you ask Him. Do you need that now? His answer is just a prayer away.






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Cynthia Nicholson
Thank you Marty. I really needed this.
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