Deacon Family Ministry

The Deacon Family Ministry Plan

     Our church cares for you and your family; therefore, our pastor and the deacons are committed to the Deacon Family Ministry Plan. In this plan, the deacons join the pastor and the church staff in ministering to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church member and family. The resident church families are each assigned to a deacon who will minister to them over a period of time.

Our deacons have been nominated and elected by you, the congregation, and are called by God to this task of caring and loving our church families. The more time we spend with you through visits and fellowship, the more we get to know you and your needs, and the more specific our prayers become. No one is perfect so please pray for us as we pray for you and your family.      

We spend a portion of our meetings each month: praying for our families’ needs and also rejoicing over needs met and victories won; and, formally and informally developing our skills in ministering to family needs. The deacons want to help their families experience the love and support of our whole congregation.  


Deacon Family Ministry Assignments 2020


Deacon: Sidney Frazee  Cell: 578-8912

Kristen Bell, Jimmy & Kerry Brewer & Family, Bob & Teresa Hathcock, Dan Sr. Hignight, Dan Jr. Hignight,  John & Linda Lane & Family, Barry & Catherine Matthews & Family, Carla Supples, Maurice Taylor, Joseph Tansey, Lyndia Voisard & Family

Deacon: Jim Smith  Home: 488-0354

Helen Averitt, Jed & Morgan Carraway, Bob & Pat Carter, Hugh & Misty Cosgray & Family,  Chad & Nicole Davis & Family, Dennis & Sylvia DeLong,Tom & Joyce Hammond, Lee & Beth Hedgecoe, Johnny Jackson,  Jason & Ann MacDonald & Family, Charity Strickland, Glenn & Judy White, Stacy & Betty Whittington, Henry & Sandy Williams

Deacon: Mike Taylor Home: 488-2938

Nick & Deborah Angelone, Donna Averitte, Susan & Mandy Beard, Jennifer Bullington, Joe Carter, John Sr. & Marcia Ezzelle, Michael Ezzelle, Michael Hathaway,  Larry & Robin McCarty & Family, Debbie O’Quinn, Betty Pow, Chris & Christy Qually & Family, Clarence & Janie Tew, Amy & Jacob Viles

Deacon: Gerald Oldham  Home:676-8011

Ronnie & Sue Bass, Robbie & Debra Boswell, Cynthia Burris, Jerry & Renee England, Joyce Grizzle, Mark & Nadine Moses & Family, Brenda Parkman, Darlena, Natalie, & Nick Raspino, Patricia Smith, Michael & Kris Taylor & Family, Beth Whitman, Zachary & BJ Wirt

Deacon: Carol Stewart  Home: 488-1026

Beau, Jeanette, & Levi Addison,  Alan & Lisa Ezzelle, Robert Jacobs, Jimmy & Kathy Jones, Richard Jones, Steven Jones, Al & Lucy Kinlaw, Keith & Nancy Lawrence, Heather McManus & Family, Glenn Neal, Heather Pantley & Family, Jimmy & Melissa Reid

Deacon: Sharm Kuch  Cell: 286-5266

Frank & Stacy Angelone & Family, Carolyn Boose, Unarebecca Burrow & Family, Brooks & Glenda Frazee, Sidney & Kimberly Frazee & Family, Toni Gorzkowski,  Shelia Handy, Larry & Pam James & Family, Rachael McManus, Brandon Robinson, Bobby Stolte, Deb Wyatt & Family

Deacon: Jerry Taylor Home:822-1052

Kathryn Barber, Steve & Jackie Carter, Sharon Duke, Bill and Britt Flather & Family, Candace Gray & Family, Melissa Griggs & Family, Carolyn Johnson, Mike & Sun'i Mitchell,  Sarah Parker, Yoneko Stewart, Yaeko Thomas, Miguel & Ashley Vellon, Butch Wilson

Deacon: Melissa Reid Home:488-0072

Kim Brown & Family, Kimberly Dickens, Martha Doxey, Dawn Ehle, Buddy & Kim Ferguson, Mackenzie & Kelsey Helm, Mary Johnson, Nick & Katie Jones & Family, Dean & Regina Tew & Family, Doug & Sharon Thompson, Russell, & Jo Nell Underwood, Gary & Janet Wilson

Deacon: Henry Williams  Home: 488-4791

Josh & Natalie Ballard, Terry & Andrea Easom & Family, Heather Foss & Family, John & Phyllis Harward, Kees & Susan Hawkins & Family, Tim & Gwen Holtsclaw, Sharm & Alicia Kuch & Family, Robert Lee, Connie O’Quinn, Angie Parkerson

Deacon: Brian Hughes  Cell:476-2871

Betty Ann Atkins, Carla Bazzarre & Family, Peggy Chadwick, Isabel Fortson, Frances Frimet, Kevin & Amanda Godwin & Family, Pat Gordon, Laylon Jackson, George Lott, Henry Simpson


Ann Boswell, Chris & Cathy Collins & Family, Candice Davis, Jean Delconte, Gary Gainous, Jule Gainous, Marguerite Masters, David & Tammy May & Family, Noval Reid, Keith Reid & Family, Preston & Ruby Williams & Family

Deacon: Debbie Angelone Home: 980-0500

Doris Guyton, Sharon Guyton, Bob & Vera Hammond, John Hammond, Robin Hobbs, Brian & Lisa Hughes & Family, John & Dawn Little, Jason & Leslie Maultsby, Anita Randall Michael & Margaretta Sherrod & Family, Joyce Smallwood, Jerry & Margrett Taylor

Deacon: Keith Collier  Home: 980-1799

Debbie Carter, Calvin & Kay Darnell, Andy & Susan Dempster & Family, Linda Dinklage, John Jr. & Lynn Ezzelle, Rodney & Karen Hartman & Family, Tommy & Jodi Hester & Family, James M. Jones, Christine Matney & Family, Rik, Jan and Samuel Miller,  Mary Catherine Pruett, Brian & Jenifer & Gabrielle Thompson

Deacon: Butch Darnell Home: 822-6957

Mike Albl, Jackie Andrews, Maxine Arnett, Shelley Bennett, Jim & Bev Harris, James & Faye Lee, Dennis & Cindy Leggett, Judy Marshburn, Morgan Marshburn, Gerald & Brenda Oldham & Family, Rachel Price, Pat Stapleton

Deacon: Sharon Duke Home: 835-7684

Steve & Mavis Blanchard, Margie Cannaday, Keith & Jennifer Collier & Family, Sherrill & Peggy Collier, Dewain & Carrie DeGarmo & Family, Shelia Ezzelle, Louise Goodman, Matthew Maultsby, Bunnie Osborne, Michelle Osborne Tyndall, Russell & Ana Underwood & Family, Amanda Young

Deacon: Nick Jones Home: 366-2723

Doug & Lisa Albl, Ginny Bennett, Dave & Ann Hess, Bill & Kaye Lambert, Steve & Scotti Marshburn & Family, Buford & Erna McDonald, Charles & Jane Ellen Melton & Family, Jay O’Brien, Pat & Kate O’Brien, Yolanda Pelotte, Eugene & Martha Rogers

Deacon: Angie Parkerson  Home: 488-6564

Gary & Ellen Ballard, Jimmy Buie,  Bill & Belva Cherry, Elsie Elliot, Ron, Sherry, & Nick Rallis,  Jo Lynn Shirley & Family, Joyce Smith, Calvin & Shirley Sooter, Carol Stewart, Mason Sykes, George & Liz Whittington

Deacon: Judy Marshburn Home: 488-3276

Shirley Barath, Marsha Best, Doris Lee, Elizabeth McCabe, Isaac & Jennifer Rancour & Family, Kevin & Liz Rodriguez & Family, Barbara Schultz, Jim & Jody Smith, Larry & Shirley Swart, Sean Thomas, Stephanie Warren & Family, Gail & Carolyn Weaver, Don Williams

Deacon Emeritus'

James Parker, T.B. Brock, Morris Jones, Ed Gilchrist, Otho Tew, Carl Masters, L.R. Baker, Ed Poole, Larry Swart, Glenn Neal, Bob Pow, Charlie Huggins, Dot Andrews, Hannah Neal, Dan Hignight Sr., Lester Roberts, Maurice Taylor, Dave Hess, Sherrill Collier, Eugene Rogers, Betty Pow, Chuck Melton, Leon Brown, Robert Carter, Dennis DeLong


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