Childrens Ministry

Children's Ministry



The purpose of our Children’s Ministry is to teach and equip children to have God as their foundation, through the stories, events, trips, and worship. Our goal is to assist in helping every child understand and feel God’s never ending love through our words and actions, as they learn to share love with others, and establish a faith of their own. As a church family we believe it is the duty of the congregation to help nurture every child, so they know how special they are and how they were made good in the eyes of God.


Age Range

The Children’s Ministry is made up of children from pre-K - 6th grade. Each grade level has Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities scheduled specifically for them. Once a child enters into 7th grade, they are brought into the Youth Group (Student Ministry).


Sunday Programs

Activities are centered on scripture and the biblical stories, helping children become more comfortable with the bible, and gaining an understanding about the Old and New Testament.

Sunday School (9:45am-10:45am): a time for children to study the bible through learning the different stories. They have the opportunity to participate in activities and crafts that help to reinforce the story and theme of the morning. Sunday School is broken into groups based on age:

          PreK- Kindergarten (Ages 4 and up)
          1st grade- 2nd grade
          3rd grade, 4th grade
          5th grade, 6th grade

All children’s Sunday School classrooms are located on the Children’s Sunday School wing.

Children’s Church (11am-12pm): a time for the children to experience worship in a way that is geared specifically for them and their needs. This program takes place during the 11am worship hour and is open to children 4 years old- 2nd grade. During this time the children learn a story and each week have a different interactive station that helps to reiterate the story.

Wednesday Programs

Activities are centered on missions. Children learn about and are introduced to missionaries both foreign and domestic. They learn where the missionaries live and serve and how they can pray for them, while they are learning how to be missionaries around home. These programs occur September through May.

RA’s (5:45pm-7:00pm): age range is boy’s 1st grade- 6th grade. RA’s stands for Royal Ambassadors for Christ. The boys learn how to be active in missions through being ambassadors for Christ in their daily life.

             *** RA's also have CAMPCRAFT on Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. ***

GA’s (5:45pm-7:00pm): age range is girl’s 1st grade- 6th grade. GA’s stands for Girls in Action. The girls learn about being active in their community, caring for others with the love of Christ, and how they can be active in missions.

Mission Friends (5:45pm-7:00pm): age range is boys and girls PreK- Kindergarten.

Children’s Choir (5:45pm-6:30pm): children practice different songs in which they share with the congregation during 11am worship service and other various special events throughout the year.

Special Events/Activities

The Children’s Ministry seeks to offer occasional activities or events for all the children. These activities are geared not only for the children, but the whole family. As the church we are a family together so it is important to offer activities and events where we can all be together.

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